Nerd Nation Podcast: Justice League International Panel!!
Check out the newest installment in Nerd Nation Radio’s Creator Spotlight: The Justice League International Panel from this summer’s Supercon, hosted by Nerd Nation’s own Gene Hoyle and featuring legendary artist/writer Keith Giffen and artist/writer Kevin Maguire as they discuss …
Nerd Nation Radio 2017 Fall Movie Spectacular!!
Hey, in this newest episode of the podcast Gene, Jack & Curt look ahead at the Fall Movie Line-up and take a stab at rating which movies that they are most looking forward to. Tune in, Nerd out!
Nerd Nation Radio Episode 03/17/2017!
Hey folks! We have a new episode going up on the 17th of March! In this episode we have the following segments!     Tune in, Eat out! We discuss the Peeps Oreos and Oreo candy bar! Dream team! …