The Rope Break #2: WWE Survivor Series 2016 & A Quick Look at TLC


Well, hello there. I know in the previous Rope Break I promised to have a review of Survivor Series and I intend to honor that, but due to us here at Nerd Nation Radio, being novices to this whole website thingie, it’s taken a little longer than it should have to post up the first one, let alone the second installment. Hopefully, webmaster, engineer and all around tech-wizard Jack (#replacejack), will have this one up by Survivor Series 2017.

So, I realize by now, most of you have seen Survivor Series and dissected it. Since that is probably the case I will just give some quick musings on the show and then maybe spend some time catching up with current events in the WWE and, time permitting, the pro-wrestling world. I think I was a bit long-winded in the first Rope Break, almost giving a play-by- play on each match, so I’m going to try to tighten it all up a bit more. So, let’s dive right in.


So, Survivor Series was a good show. Not great. Not terrible. Just good. There were a few highlights and maybe a lowlight or 2 (I’m looking at you Baron Corbin or, more accurately, whoever decided it would be a good idea to have Corbin interfere on what could have been a fun match and give us one of those non-finishes that satisfies every fan.) So, in some rapid fire fashion, here are some quick notes on Survivor Series:


The women’s match was just fine, but did we squander the rise of Nia Jax, by not only having her get eliminated in the middle of the match, but having her tap? She was mowing down plenty of jobbers (and Alicia Fox, who is just a jobber whose name I can remember and has a permanent place on the roster). But, now she has been forced to submit in the center of the ring by Becky Lynch. Don’t know if that’s the way I would have gone with it. I mean, Team Raw won. Why not just have Nia survive? I guess just so that Bayley would upstage Charlotte and draw her ire. But Nia could have survived as well and that would have set her up to be more involved with the upcoming feuding that I see between Charlotte,

Sasha and Bayley.


Did anyone out there really think Sami Zayn was going to win this one? I love Sami. But, c’mon. I also can’t believe I’m about to utter (type) these words, and putting them in this order, but, I am really enjoying The Miz right now. Even before his heated exchange with Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack, The Miz was the best classic heel in the company. Not afraid to be cheap and cowardly, he has been great these last few years.


Granted, the powers that be don’t seem to be able to pit him against a good long-running protagonist. The Ziggler feud was good, but just seemingly ended, I guess. I thought that Apollo Crews was getting a push, but I don’t know what the f*&# happened with that and now Crews, who is a great talent, is on the backburner. And let’s not even bring up the squandered, wasted feud that could have been against Damien Mizdow. The fans were cheated out of that one. Could Sami have fixed all that and been a great foil for The Miz? Yes. Why couldn’t Sami win the Intercontinental Title, take it to Raw, only to have The Miz show up on Raw demanding his rematch? This feud could have crossed over both promotions, tying them together and possibly exciting fans with the unknown. I mean, it’s not like these are really two separate entities, Raw and Smackdown. Why can’t we have nice things?


There was a tag team match….and, yeah. Quick question: Am I the only one who think that Breezango’s fashion police gimmick is awesome? Probably. Every tag team had a strong showing, except New Day and Breezango. I dig the Uso’s new heel deal, even though they come off as two jaded douche bags. I like American Alpha and hope that the powers that be realize what talent they have there and don’t waste it. I like Rhyno and Heath Slater, but I’m not sure how much longer they can continue to be fun. I will only barely mention the New Day here, because blink and you missed their involvement in this match. Not sure what was going on there? And I am dying for Anderson and Gallows to step into the role of being the two dominating bad-a$$es that they could be. But, alas, it looks as if I may have to wait a bit longer.


There was a Cruiserweight title match here that I was looking forward to, but, ugh, that ending. Even before the non-ending of the match, it almost seemed like Kendrick and Kalisto were stalling for time or something. Were there a few cool spots, peppered in with some good wrestling? Yes. But, the ending to what is a good match can ruin the whole thing. I get that Corbin is entering into a feud with Kalisto and I like both of those guys. I think Baron Corbin could even be great with a bit of in-ring work improvement and some intensity injected into his personality. But, Kendrick vs. Kalisto could have been a great match and Corbin could have attacked Kalisto after the match ended and nothing would have been altered drastically.


Now, I could go on and on for a while about the Team Raw vs Team Smackdown men’s match, but I’ll attempt to keep this short. This was the stand-out match of the night and by far the longest in a while on a PPV. Great moments for each guy out there. The A.J. Styles/Dean Ambrose feud is a fun one, with some annoying moments of silliness and slowly approaching too much Ellsworth thrown in. I liked A.J. being such a jerk, that he cared less about the match and more about screwing over Ambrose, who was on his team. Of course, eliminating Dean early, set up his return for later in the match and a Shield reunion of sorts.


One quick thing; how does hitting someone with a clipboard get Kevin Owens disqualified and yet Rollins and Reigns, with a clear case of outside interference from an eliminated Ambrose get away with putting Styles through an announce table? Wrestling logic! That’s how.


The match had just enough of the chinless wonder, James Ellsworth. Having it be Ellsworth to be the cause of Braun Strowman’s elimination was great. As was the follow-up bump from being thrown off of the stage and through a table, as Ellsworth continues to audition for the part of dopey Spike Dudley.


Things really picked up in the last 15-20 minutes of this match. The aforementioned Styles being slammed through the Spanish announce table, after Roman Reigns very loudly proclaimed his distaste for the Spanish announce team (which was weird). Shane McMahon’s thwarted post-to- post/coast-to- coast dropkick, in which he got the beejesus slammed out of him by Reigns. Rattling the “Boy Wonder’s” noggin.


I was a little disappointed that Shane was the fifth member of the team honestly. I thought that this new era, and especially Smackdown’s mission statement specifically, was to focus more on the talent and let the superstars shine. And then the GM takes a spot that any other wrestler on the roster could have had and could have helped elevate whoever got the nod. Ziggler? Apollo Crews? Baron Corbin? The underrated and overlooked, freshly returned Luke Harper? Anybody, but the goddamned GM could have been a part of this match.


Anywho, Smackdown won, thus making Ol’ Pappy ‘Taker happy and assuring no one will be resting in peace. I’m not sure I’m digging the whole Randy Orton as a Wyatt; can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, thing. But, it’s going alright. Could lead to an interesting conclusion, with the inevitable RKO outta’ nowhere to Bray, when Randy reveals that he’s the master manipulator on Smackdown. And, when is Bray going to get a title run? Not the Intercontinental title. Not the Tag Team titles. But, the big prize. He is beyond deserving of it at this point.

And, so with that said, I guess that wraps Survivor Series up? Right??


Oh, yeah…there was that other match. You know, the one everyone was undeservedly talking about. The one that followed an incredibly good “real” main event caliber match. Yes, Ol’ Man Goldberg
whooped Brock Lesnar, but good. And, I say….big deal! Sure, it was Goldberg soundly dominating “The Beast”, something we don’t see all the time. But, why Goldberg? Why not use Lesnar’s inevitable loss to elevate another talent, who will be sticking around for longer than a few months, like Goldberg seemingly will. Y’know, someone who will actually be wrestling on a regular basis.


The only good thing about all of this is that neither one of these guys holds a title. That would send me through the roof. So, this little feud is a great feature attraction that has so far managed to stay out of the way of all of the weekly storylines and feuds that matter more to me.


One more side note about Goldberg vs. Lesnar is this: I occasionally get people suggesting that I watch UFC instead of pro-wrestling, because at least, in their words usually, “it’s real”. One of the rebukes that I tend to give on why that won’t ever happen is the fact that when I spend my cash on a pro-wrestling PPV or event, I’m fairly certain I’ll be satisfied with the outcome in some way. Storylines will move forward or come to end (the goods ones do) and when everything ends I will have gotten my money’s worth. With UFC, you run the real risk of plopping down fifty-sixty bucks, looking forward to that big main event…only to have it last less than a minute. The entrances last longer than some matches. How is that fun, let alone entertaining or satisfying? (Let me just say that, yes, I have seen some very good MMA bouts as well and don’t hate it. If you still feel the need to point out how I need to watch more MMA or just want to tell me how wrong I am, feel free to e-mail me at

WWE Smackdown’s TLC show is coming up this Sunday and looks to be good. Just when I thought that the Ziggler vs Miz feud was all but over, we will be getting an Intercontinental Title Ladder match. The match I am most looking forward to. Alexa Bliss and Becky are going at it again, this time in a Tables match, and I think Alexa has a good chance of walking out with the Women’s title. Corbin (who I swear is improving a little every week) will take on Kalisto in a Chairs match which could be fun. Nikki Bella and Carmella will have a No DQ match, so…uh…bathroom break scheduled! Bray and Randy Orton could take the Tag Titles from Slater and Rhyno. Or is this the moment when Randy turns on Bray (look, it’s coming folks)? And finally, A.J. Styles takes on Dean Ambrose for the World Title in a TLC (tables, ladders &; chairs, if you’re nasty) match that could be great. And, yes, we will possibly get a healthy dose of Ellsworth, just not too much, I hope.

Hopefully, I’ll be back here to talk about the results of TLC, as well as possibly finding some time to talk about WCPW’s Delete IPPV (watch WCPW, I beg you. It is great stuff) and Ring of Honor’s Final Battle which I can’t wait for in a week or so. A lot depends upon our webmaster extraordinaire Jack and his ability to post this for me. Will he do it? Can it be done? Or will we #replacejack? Who knows, who cares? I’ve rambled too much. Feel free to check me out on Facebook, I offer nothing there really except sharing things about wrestling, funny books, movies, tv and nonsense; maybe one day I’ll contribute on Facebook a little more. Also, feel free to e-mail me and tell me how right I am about everything at Until then…BREAK!