Nerd Nation Publishing Presents: Silent Screams

It’s time to scream! Silent Screams is coming from Nerd Nation Publishing, Freefall Press and Bonfire Press, with contributors including…well, you!

What exactly is Silent Screams? It’s a horror anthology with a twist. No dialogue or captions allowed.

Contributors will submit stories from 1-8, black and white, pages with a horror theme. Any rating from G to R is allowed. We hope to have enough submissions to have a trade paperback sized book.

Every contributor will be given the finished pdf, which will allow them to print their own copies of Silent Screams to sell at cons or wherever they decide to do.

They retain all rights to their story, but allows all contributors to use it in their own printing of this book. The book may not be altered in anyway without the express permission of the team of editors.

Why do it this way? It’s simple. Many artists and writers need a push to begin making comics. This gives new creators a chance to have a substantial book to sell without having to do 100 pages themselves.

It also allows all talent to have a blast working under the unique challenges of a silent story.

The book will be released in October of 2019 (In time for Halloween). Deadline for entries is August 1st, 2019, though the sooner you turn in a story, the easier it will be for Michael Waggoner, Chuck Pineau and myself to edit, format, and prepare a files for the printer.

For more details or if you have any questions email us. Please use SILENT SCREAMS as the subject




More details and updates will come from the Nerd Nation Radio podcast and at the website.

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