Nerd Nation Radio Classic!! From The Ashes!!

Hey, this is Curt here kicking off Nerd Nation Radio’s Classic Week! This episode that we’re re-posting, is the first episode, officially, where I was featured as a regular co-host from just over 2 years ago. Stick around through the initial audio issues (they’re kinda’ fun, listen sharp and you can even here me laughing at Engineer Jack for missing his cue to play the intro in the first few seconds of the show). We sort of solved the echo/feedback issue by having Gene sit out on my back porch on his phone, while I went into my son’s room on mine & Jack sat in my living room on his laptop. We took some calls, talked with John Ordover and stumbled & fumbled our way though a brand new generation of Nerd Nation Radio. Tune In, Nerd Out…

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