Old Man Indy: Pirates, An Egg & High-Seas Adventure by Gene Hoyle

As Dan Bodenstein talks to me over the phone about the characters in The Legend of Buc Buccaneer, I can feel the enthusiasm and pure excitement in his voice. A half-hatched egg, (Mister Ayg), a mysterious pirate named Captain Lucky Longfeather and a host of other bird themed characters fill this strange and fun young adult novel.

The Legend of Buc Buccaneer is YA fast pace pirate adventure created by Dan Bodenstein and Ron Robrahn.

The pair have been friends since high school. Their first creation was a digital cartoon based on one of their original characters back in 1985. It had always been their dream to collaborate on a real-world project. Their first collaboration was on a children’s picture book which sparked their desire to do more.

The Legend of Buc Buccaneer takes an average rooster with a thirst for adventure and tosses him into the world of piracy. His present mixes with his past, and he is driven to find answers to who he really is. Fascinated by the folklore and legends of the notorious pirate, Captain Lucky Longfeather, Buc hatches a plan. Together with his First Mate, Mister Ayg, and his burly quartermaster Chumlee. Buc sets out to find a crew to undertake a quest to solve a long-standing mystery of the Caribbean.

Dan, a software engineer, and product manager by trade, is no stranger to the world of kids books. He has published two children’s picture books, The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle, which is based on an actual sea turtle rescued at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Fl, and his second book, Steven the Vegan, which helps young children who are raised vegan explain to their friends what it means. Both books have sold in excess of 4000 copies.

Ron is a Graphic artist and Illustrator. He has worked as a Caricature artist for Disney, and for apparel companies designing products featuring many characters from Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera. He also did freelance work for companies like Tervis Tumblers, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios. Ron also illustrated Dan’s second book, Steven the Vegan. He has an amazing ability to turn any idea, no matter how far-fetched, into a full-blown character. He adds a high level of personality to his creations.

The book actually has a soundtrack. Ron and Dan worked with a talented music composer named Giovanni Tabor to compose original music for their book. The book is synched with the soundtrack using markers int he book that tell the reader what track to play. It’s not an audio book, it’s a soundtrack.

The title track, As the Crow Flies, can be heard here http://soundcloud.com/dan-bodenstein/as-the-crow-flies

All of this has contributed to the high quality Kickstarter, running now. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/danbodenstein/the-legend-of-buc-buccaneer

The book is approximately 320 pages in length and contains black and white illustrations to keep with the theme.

The reward tiers are all worthwhile. Magnets and stickers that you will certainly be hanging on your fridge, stickers and more! A copy of the book can be had for a very reasonable price, as is the eBook version.
Their Kickstarter is also designed to give back to the community and encourage young readers. For every $100 raised, Dan and Ron will donate a copy of the book to the Free Little Library Organization.
The campaign is doing well, but there is still a chance to get in on the ground floor and help support this amazing book! Click the link above and get ready to sail the Caribbean with these birds of a feather!

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