WHOOSH! Brokedown Food Truck! Nerd Nation Radio Podcast: Bill Sweeney & Travis Gibb

In this week’s episode of the Nerd Nation Radio Podcast: Gene, Jack & Curt struggle to get through the news and Jack’s Box Office Report without getting too sidetracked. They then take some time to goof on Jack and his Audiobook-reading/listening habits. And, as if that isn’t enough, there are 2 BIG interviews! The first with Bill Sweeney, who operates the Super Heroes of Florida Food Truck (Visit his site BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE!) Next up, Gene & Curt talk to Comic Creator, Travis Gibb all about the world of Indy Comics and his Brand New book & Kickstarter for BROKE DOWN & 4 DEAD BODIES (which you can check out & give to BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE!) Tune In, Nerd Out

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